Ambition Falling 

Ambition Falling 

Every autumn, I spend three solitary weeks at Ravenrock because—this is my incapacity—I feel my depth best when ‘worldly’ cacophony is diminished. The most sensitive dimension of self /non-self eludes me unless I’m away from wifi, news, traffic, etc. Here


  • by Dee, post on | Reply

    How I long for a bit of solitude, Dunya. Alone with objects and spaces, with the light and the dark, the warm and the cold, the soft, the spiky, the stony. Not many ever experience this. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writings. 😀

    • by Dunya, post on | Reply

      I feel so fortunate, Dee. It is an amazing piece of time to choose. Thank you for reading and appreciating.

  • by Grace, post on | Reply

    I so appreciate your sharing Dunya. I feel my breath deepen and my soul relax while reading your words. Just yesterday I asked myself if there no longer even one moment of my life that isn’t filled up or scripted? Discovering how to feed our souls with solitude is more than just a luxury. It is becoming a necessity for the survival of sensitive souls in our present day. Thank you for leading the way in showing how it can be done through shifting perspective and letting go.

    • by Dunya, post on | Reply

      I’m glad you too recognize that it is a crucial ‘endangered species’. Thanks for your kind words.

  • by Leela Devi, post on | Reply

    Thank you, Dunya. It feels nurturing to read it. I long for that kind of solitude. Thank you for the reminder – sensing into the aliveness of space and things.

    • by Dunya, post on | Reply

      Thank you, Leela. I’m glad it feels nurturing. It’s important to have these sanctuary flames kept lit.

  • by Karleen, post on | Reply

    Exquisite on so many levels. What you share about solitude, about objects, about darkness, about female armor are what needs to be expressed. I shake my head and say, yes, yes.

    • by Dunya, post on | Reply

      Thank you, Karleen, so much. I’m feeling that the female armor weaves in, always a background hum to be acknowledged here and there; so not just a topic for an in-depth delve that is then put away. A leitmotif for women…

  • by Andrea L McCullough, post on | Reply

    Wow, I am going to have to go with Karleen’s “exquisite.” Incredibly beautiful and, as always, deep, genuinely soft, and nuanced descriptions. Here in Oregon I have recently chosen to be solitary on a more regular basis than I have ever before. I can relate to that vigilance you spoke of, though it lets up a great deal when I am alone. I can also relate to the feeling that the human made objects surrounding me are as close as I need to get, at times, to others. Still, I do wonder why it is so hard to be around people very much and if that will ever change for me. I need space to know what I really think and how I am feeling is one answer. Anyway, thank you for sharing your beauty and truth with us. Please continue…..

    • by Dunya, post on | Reply

      Andrea, thanks for this empathetic response. Solitude and the contents are a balm. I feel that the amount of interaction dumped on us as ‘normal’ is not necessarily normal. The conversation here helps us fold in other possibilities.

  • by Helen Koehler, post on | Reply

    Reading this amid the happy noise of family on Thanksgiving weekend. I am never alone and wonder how I would handle solitude. Your words make it seem like a time for renewal.

  • by Dunya, post on | Reply

    Helen, it is a ‘project’ I have been exploring off and on for quite a while. Without a doubt it is a renewal but it is often intense; I face many aspects of self I typically anesthetize myself away from. I call them the beast. Fears. Existential loneliness. But there also equally fine joys that I would never otherwise experience. I savor being in an uninterrupted organic flow.

    I continue on with it, getting better and better at handling it, because I do feel renewed. It is an amazing adventure for anyone who can embrace the unexpected. I wonder how you would like it.